Friday, January 4, 2008

2nd Finished Object!!

I finished my second knitted object last night! I would have been finished a lot sooner if I hadn't restarted the thing several times because of knitting where I was supposed to purl and vice versa. Anyway, I love this scarf. I kind of messed up when I was binding off, since it was only the second time I had done such a thing and I don't think it will ever be my favorite, but it's not that noticeable. It's so soft and the texture is lovely. Alas, it will be on it's way to my Momaw tomorrow (I hope). I love sending my knitted objects out into the world, but I think it's time I knit something that I will get to keep, so last night I cast on and knit the ribbing for some Cozy House Socks. I haven't done socks yet, and I'm trying to work with dpns for the first time, so I hope this isn't a complete disaster.

I welcome encouragement and you can do its!

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