Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Haircut!

Ignore the stupid faces I'm making and check out my new haircut! I LOVE it! Surprisingly hubby likes it too (surprising because he's only seen it with my hair straight and usually prefers it to be curly). I have to say I like it being straight and I am enjoying it while it lasts, because chances are I'll never be able to get it to look like this myself! I really love my hair salon. I feel pampered every time I go there. I love my hairstylist too. She is awesome. She knows just what to do with my hair to make it manageable. Yippy for hair happiness!

It's gotten really cold here. I think the low was 13 last night. This is why I hate winter. I mean GEEZ... and to think it's only going to get worse from here. It snowed about 4 inches here yesterday and as a result everyone in Pittsburgh forgot how to drive. I was glad to be riding the bus, although my trek up the never ending hill was far from fun. I got to break in my snow boots yesterday. Somehow the bottom of my pants were still soaked when I reached the top. I was happy to spend yesterday evening in the comfort of our apartment, especially when I heard all the squealing, spinning tires outside. Also, as per our lease, our landlord hires someone to shovel all the snow from our sidewalk, etc. It was nice not to have to get out in the cold and shovel snow as well. Today it is sunny and the roads are much better. It makes me sad to think though that there are several more months of this to endure before life begins to spring from the trees and flowers and I can go out of doors without feeling like a marshmallow.

I leave you with another view of my haircut :-)

I welcome ooohs and ahhs :-P