Friday, November 30, 2007

Barefoot and Lost in a Women's Hospital?

This face illustrates how I felt about my dream.....

Last night I had a crazy dream that I left my house to go to work without my shoes--or socks. I remember walking down the hill from my house and feeling the chilling cold and rough texture of the concrete sidewalk beneath my feet. However, instead of turning around and heading back into the house for my shoes, as any normal person would do (assuming any normal person would head out to work on a 30 degree morning without shoes), I kept thinking that if I could just make it to work and put on the pair of shoes at my desk, I'd be fine.

It is true that I have a pair of shoes under my desk at work most of the time. This is because I always walk to work and back in a comfy pair of shoes and wear the dressier ones while at work. I tried wearing the dressy ones from doorstep to doorstep, but my feet threatened to fall off in protest and this little habit of mine was soon established.

Anyway, back to the dream... I managed to get on the bus without anyone noticing my less than shod tootsies. The next thing my dream self knew, I was in the hospital, but somehow I was on the second floor instead of the first when I walked in and the hospital happened to be some sort of Women's Hospital/Mall hybrid. I had to walk through Macy's to get to my office. I thought about buying some shoes there, but I was oh so close to the goal of reaching my office and getting my shoes before anyone noticed, so I carried on. All throughout the dream I tried various methods of disguising my naked feet. I pulled my pants down as low as they could decently go on my hips in hops of covering my feet from view. I stood with one foot on top of the other, but then realized that this plan was no good since BOTH of my feet were bare. But I was feeling a bit of relief because I was so close to my goal.

Then it hit me. There was no way I would get down the big marble staircase leading to my office without someone noticing my feet. I had been successful throughout the duration of my journey, but I knew there was just no way I was getting down those steps unseen. Then I remembered a secret elevator my boss had once shown me. It would deposit me into the back hallway where my office is and I would be home free. I got to the elevator, only to realize that it only went up, and not down. I ended up on the 6th floor in a Doctor's Office--not a good place to be barefoot.

I quickly jumped into another elevator and to my relief there was a button listed for my destination. I was shocked when the elevator stopped and I was in the middle of a huge women's bathroom--again, not a good place to be barefoot. My dream self sighed to herself and realized she was pulling a "Britney Spears." However, I knew must continue because my goal was close at hand. I exited the rest room, thinking I'd be near my office, but no. I had somehow entered a level of the hospital two floors below the basement where grumpy old men received coal shipments. They also had a rack of tools behind the counter for sale. I waited in line and when it was my turn I tearfully asked one of the old men, who had a face that reminded one of Santa Claus drunk on lemon juice, how I could get back to where I needed to go.

Lemon Santa saw fit to growl at me and say that if I wasn't buying a tool I needed to get out of line. Our conversation escalated into a shouting match with him calling me an ingrate and me calling him a terrible old man while the other men looked at me with sympathy, but did not offer any directions or come to my defense.

I bolted out of the coal/tool room and started to run down a hallway decorated in hospital pink and green. I'd like to say I found my office and my shoes, or that someone finally caught me barefoot in the hospital, which I'm fairly certain is not allowed, but my bizarre dream came to no conclusion. It kind of faded into nothingness and they next thing I knew I was hitting my alarm clock and grumbling to be left alone until I could get my shoes on.

As I was getting ready this morning, I couldn't shake the feeling that I really needed to wash my feet. I was also very certain to put my shoes on before I left the house.

I welcome sweet dream wishes!


Connie said...

Strange dream....I wonder what Freud would make of it! lol

Anonymous said...

Wow. Crazy look like you had been crying in that pic?