Friday, November 2, 2007

Fall is Here to Stay

I love fall. I really do. But I must say that along with fall comes a sense of foreboding that winter is near.

I love looking at the multi-colored leaves that decorate the trees as the chill in the air becomes a little more permanent. Fall has its own feel. This feel reminds me of warm cozy sweaters, apple cider, pumpkins, bold colors of red, orange, and gold. It makes me think of lighting candles and getting cozy on the couch with a great book. Hot chocolate, tea, and lattes are fall fare for me. Apples are in season and my choice fruit. My domesticism is in full force as I bake pies and banana bread, return to crocheting, and teach myself to knit. Thoughts turn to holiday preparations, road trips, gift wrapping, and jingle bells.

Winter brings a stillness to the world that doesn't quite sit right with me. Barren branches, empty sidewalks, and bodies huddled in layers so thick that interaction is almost impossible fill the view from my living room window. Darkness stays late in the morning and comes early in the day. The world goes to sleep to early and the first snowfall brings at first a hush and then a bustle as people navigate through the icy pathways and roads. No longer a child, I have no snowdays to look forward to, only walks down the long slanted block to my bus stop where I wait, shivering, for an overcrowded bus.

Four seasons, every year, for all the 24 years of my life, but for some reason they are newly noteable in my mind and in my soul this year. I want to drawn them all in, wrap myself in them and enjoy what each one has to offer. I've been successful thus far, but now comes winter and I am unsure of myself and my resolve.

I welcome suggestions on enjoying winter.

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cjw said...

You are missing your calling! I love to read your writings, I always have. You have such a natural talent....go for it! You must just must! Love you, Mom