Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yarn Obsessed

The fiber arts are officially taking over my life. I've been crocheting some Christmas goodies and last Thursday I took a knitting class. I officially love to knit. I tend to get ahead of myself though. My mind is ready to knit socks and sweaters and all manner of incredible things, but my fingers are stuck on a simple ribbed scarf. When I get frustrated, I remind myself I've officially known how to knit for three days. I'm a little impatient with myself. When I decide I want to do something, I want to be incredibly good at it pretty much immediately. Life doesn't quite work that way though, so I'll keep knitting my scarf and dreaming of sweaters and socks. There are also these knitting needles that I absolutely must have. They're like knitting art. Absolutely beautiful. Don't think knitting needles can elicit the idea of beauty? Well here they are:

I told you they were beautiful. I saw them in person at my knitting class. My instructor has them. They're even more amazing in person. And it's not all about the looks either. They're incredible needles.

Here is my current yarn stash. Keep in mind, it's close to Christmas, and I'm crocheting/knitting a lot of gifts:

There is more going on in my life than yarn, fortunately. I gave blood for the first time ever this week. Apparently I'm an excellent bleeder. I filled a bag in three minutes. Apparently that's really fast. The blood bank people were afraid I was going to pass out or something, but I really was fine--that is until I walked up the stupid hill to my house. Then I felt a little woosey. Since then I've been drinking extra fluids and reminding myself that I should prepare myself before the next time.

I must end this entry now because I'm supposed to be getting ready for a road trip that Pranav and I are taking today. Oops. I'm excited because I get to knit in the car!

Oh and I must note that it snowed yesterday. Actually it just flurried, but it was really cold and felt like winter. I hate being cold. I wanted to cry when I saw the snow. At least it didn't snow on my birthday this year!

I welcome warm, cheery thoughts.

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